Disc-Type Potato Hiller

Disc-Type Potato Hiller
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The disc-type hiller gently moves soil up to and under the potato vines to make the hill larger.  They assist in weed control by burying small weeds inaccessible to cultivators.  Earlier emergence is possible because the seed pieces can be planted shallower and then hilled up.  This reduces the incidence of greening of the tubers.

Disc Diameter 16"
Shank Diameter 1-3/8"
Bearing Type Sealed Ball Bearings
Clamp Type  * Set Screw on Shank
* The standard clamp bolts onto an angle iron tool bar, not provided.  Normally, clamps can be provided to match the grower’s tool bar at little or no extra cost, providing adequate lead-time is available. 

Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice.
Revised 9/09/09